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Stamped - Johnny's Style!
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Wanna find out which Johnny you're like? Which Johnny you would be perfect for? Which Johnny's Entertainment group you would fit in? Get all those silly questions answered here at the only Johnny's Entertainment stamping community on Livejournal!

A stamping/rating community is where members post applications answering a variety of questions. Other members will then vote on what which Johnny/JE group fits best. For example, if it's a "basic application", the questions will be geared towards general things about your personality and ideals. After reading through your application, other members will vote on which Johnny you most resemble overall.

To start your stamping process, join the community, read the guidelines below, and post a basic application!
1. It is a requirement to make 3 recent votes to post any new applications! This is THE most important rule for a stamping community, so please do not neglect it! Also, try to click the !unstamped tag to get all the applications that haven't been stamped yet, and scroll to the very bottom and start from there. The applications on the bottom are in more need of stamping then ones at the top. Stamping communities live off of votes, so keep those votes coming!

2. Do not post more than 1 application within a 2 week time span.

3. You may post an application for any of the available themes at any time, keeping only with your own 2-week limitation. All members must however be stamped through the basic application before moving onto any other themes.

4. Feel free to post re-applications if you aren't satisfied with your initial stamp.

5. Try not to make your answers biased so that you can get the stamp you want.

6. Please bold your vote within your comments.

7. Please tag your application as !unstamped whenever posting.

8. Make sure to be editing your post in the HTML tab, or else the HTML within the application won't appear correctly.

9. Applications will be stamped when there are 7 votes.

10. Have fun, and gather friends!
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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact esquethetic. Thankyou<3
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